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Workshop on "Component-based Software Engineering" organized as part of the FP7 ITN Project RELATE

The 3rd Open Excellence Workshop in RELATE was held on 19 July at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Fellows from UR1, CUNI, CAS, KCL, KIT and some local researchers attended this one day workshop in Karlsruhe to share their experiences in component based systems and to receive a practical overview on functionalities of frameworks for modeling Component-based Systems that are dealt with at KIT and CUNI.

The workshop started with the presentation of the comprehensive approach for services composition in service-based systems. The lecturer Piotr Rygielski described the composition process focusing on formulation of functional and non-functional requirements that must be fulfilled during the composition process. Additionally, the functional and non-functional description of services was introduced. The presented approach to service composition includes validating user’s requirements, functionality composition, quality of service of the result, modeling network infrastructures in service execution process. Among the talks the participants of the workshop had the possibility to discuss different aspects of the presented approach in detail.

In the second part of the workshop, Michal Papež introduced two representative frameworks for modeling component-based systems. While focusing on the differences in the support of roles and high-level goals of frameworks, he gave an overview of the functionalities of the tools included in the frameworks. Moreover, the presentation of the frameworks was accompanied with live demonstrations where all the interesting features were introduced to the listeners using practical examples.