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Best Paper Award at CLOSER 2011

The paper "Evaluating and Modeling Virtualization Performance Overhead for Cloud Environments" by N. Huber, M. von Quast, M. Hauck, and S. Kounev received the Best Paper Award at CLOSER 2011.

The paper of the Descartes Research Group was selected as the best conference paper from a total of 164 paper submissions of which 18 papers were published and presented as full papers, 48 were accepted for short presentation and another 22 for poster presentation.


Nikolaus Huber, Marcel von Quast, Michael Hauck, and Samuel Kounev. Evaluating and Modeling Virtualization Performance Overhead for Cloud Environments. In International Conference on Cloud Computing and Service Science (CLOSER 2011), 2011. [bib|http|.pdf]


Due to trends like Cloud Computing and Green IT, virtualization technologies are gaining increasing importance. They promise energy and cost savings by sharing physical resources, thus making resource usage more efficient. However, resource sharing and other factors have direct effects on system performance, which are not yet well-understood. Hence, performance prediction and performance management of services deployed in virtualized environments like public and private Clouds is a challenging task. Because of the large variety of virtualization solutions, a generic approach to predict the performance overhead of services running on virtualization platforms is highly desirable. In this paper, we present experimental results on two popular state-of-the-art virtualization platforms, Citrix XenServer 5.5 and VMware ESX 4.0, as representatives of the two major hypervisor architectures. Based on these results, we propose a basic, generic performance prediction model for the two different types of hypervisor architectures. The target is to predict the performance overhead for executing services on virtualized platforms.